We create projects of any complexity on a turn key: promotional sites, online stores, integrated systems. We develop products for web, mobile and any other digital platforms.

What are we doing

Stages of work

Preparation before the project

The collection and analysis of requirements, business analysis.

Architecture design

Analysis of competitors, development of scenarios of interaction between users and services, analysis of parameters and functions.


Developing an interactive prototype.


The development of design concepts and drawing pages and screens.


Front-end and Back-end development, testing and preparation of instructions for the deployment of the system.

Project launch and support

Server setup and system deployment, download to app stores.

Work principles. Features of our approach

We organize and develop solutions that allow the company to more effectively interact with customers using modern digital communication channels. We implement these solutions in your business. We customize all processes, conduct them independently or transfer them to you.

We usually work with the following technology stack

Back-end stack

PHP 7, Node.js, Python, Goland, laravel (php), ElasticSearch, Docker, Nginx

Front-end stack

React.js, Angular.JS, Redux, Flow, Webpack 4, Jest,

Mob. development

Java, Kotlin, #D, swift,
React Native


MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis

Approach to scaling and deploying architecture using Continuous Integration / Continuous delivery

We will be happy to discuss with you your project or task in detail!

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