A service that helps you easily rent, buy or sell real estate, providing additional services for a low cost.

Work format

Time & Material

Main technologies

React 16, php-framework laravel, ElasticSearch


11 254 people

Real estate

8 670 objects

21 specialists

Project team consisting of 5 departments

3 months

A MVP has been created

4 services

It was launched for real estate service users

14 000

Real estate objects

8 670

Published ads

11 254

Registered users


Use the service


Our team had a task in a short time to create a MVP version of a real estate service for owners, not inferior in functionality to competitors, and make the project scale for high loads.

According to the concept, dealings on the service will take place directly between the owner and the renter, excluding intermediaries. The main features of the service are also extremely reliable and verified real estate ads in the base and a wide range of additional services. The key difference from other services is the lack of commissions for long-term rental and sale of real estate. The emphasis was placed on the fact that a lot of additional services, which are also necessary for the participants of the deal, which the service can provide along the way, in the “one window” mode.


In the process of implementing the service, the Apptech team has formed a special team of software developers and specialists to ensure the quality of development, testing and refinement of all the functions of the service. Developed many business processes for a young startup and formed all the basic departments for the development and promotion of the service in the future.


As a result, the marketing department formed the final image and strategy for the development of the service in the future, developed the basis of the brand and its positioning. The developers created a service that allows you to quickly post information about your real estate and make dealing on real estate objects as quickly and conveniently as possible. The design department worked out the most convenient UX / UI service.

After the implementation of the basic functionality of the service and the release of the first version, the team tested and launched online services on the real estate site. The promotion department tested various advertising channels and creatives, noted potential for further development and those that should be reviewed. A specially created team of the studio worked on the business processes of the service and filled the base with relevant announcements, then formed a support department for the clients of the service.

The basic technologies on which the web service is built:

A large number of third-party API services are connected:

What was the result of:

Functionality for service personnel:

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