Affiliate program from Apptech!

Get up to10%per month with each recommendation that led to the conclusion of the contract

For each project that a partner brought to Apptech, we pay you a commission, which depends on the cost of work performed.

The studio pays a one-time bonus for attracting the Client to the development of the site, mobile application, software and design. For attracting on the development of advertising and marketing strategy, the studio pays a bonus while the Client is working with the studio, but not more than 6 months.

Партнерская программа
to 1500 $
to 150 $
from 1 500 to 4 500 $
from 150 to 360 $
from 4 500 to 7 500 $
from 360 to 450 $
from 7 500 $ and more
from 450 $ and more
to 300 $
to 30 $
from 300 to 900 $
from 30 to 75 $
from 900 to 1 500 $
from 75 to 90 $
from 1 500 $ and more
from 90 $ and more

It is suitable for you if:

  • You are a natural or legal person (it doesn't matter)
  • You are a freelancer, or you are an entrepreneur, providing services (it doesn't matter)
  • Important! So that your customers need digital services, and you advise them to a reliable performer - Apptech (that's us)
When mentioning our company, we strongly advise you not to violate advertising laws

You can offer these services:

Design and engineering (Web design, Interface design, Application design, Identity)

Mobile Applications (Application Development, Maintenance, Prototyping, Testing)

Website development (Corporate websites, Online stores, Complex web services, Landing pages)

Internet advertising and promotion (Contextual advertising, Media advertising, Advertising in mobile applications, Advertising on YouTube, Advertising in social media, Marketing strategies)


  • We draw up an agency agreement with you, where we fix all the terms of the agreement. We pay a fine to you if we do not follow the contract. Therefore, without a doubt, we will pay you
  • We pay you in a convenient way. For individual entrepreneurs and legal person: to the bank account (cashless settlement); For Individuals: on cards (Visa, Master Card, Maestro)
  • You get a percentage of the amount of the Client's order (of the amount we specify in the contract between us and the Client). Everything is transparent
Upon request, we will provide access to the metrics of our site, as we are for transparent cooperation

“Creative, talented and a professional UI/UX designer. I have truly enjoyed every minute of working with Apptech. She has the skills of the highest level. My project was full of information and data and it was a challenging task for any designer but Apptech executed in a perfect way and created an amazing product for us.”

Let's work!


We conclude an agreement


We fix for you account manager


We inform you about the signing of the contract with the client


We charge you partner percent on contract

Want to become our partner?